April 3, 2012

A Cupcake Christmas

Almost every November, the panic starts to set in. What the heck am I doing for the greeting card this year? And how am I going to get it done with all the craziness over the holidays? As I mentioned a few posts ago, I usually need to have an idea and materials purchased going into Thanksgiving. This year, I came up with that idea almost a year ahead of time. So this year's batch was a piece of (cup)cake. Almost.

If you've read any of my posts before, you pretty much know how the construction process for my greeting cards works. So, I'm turning over a new leaf. Less verbose descriptions, more photos to tell the story.

Fun Nordic holiday paper that I used for my muffin papers:

Beautiful microbeads from Martha Stewart that created the little non-pareil decorations. Note that these do not stick easily to paper, even using a fair amount of glue from a glue pad. I'm fairly sure that they fell apart in the mail and created a mess for those who received them:

Frosting the cupcakes was time consuming and messy.

The working area. This was a multistep process where I, 1.) Cut out the cupcake shapes, 2.) Glued the "paper cups" and the un-decorated cupcake tops to the card, 3.) Put "sprinkles" on almost half of the cupcake tops, and 4.) Glued on the final cupcake tops and then added the "tree-topper". Oh, and then of course I had to delicately write out the cards for fear that all the little micro-beads would fall off.

Work in progress:

 The finished product: