June 4, 2009


I'm starting this blog as a symbol of my reclaimed life.

For the past year, I have been chained to my desk at work, spending more hours in front of my crappy Dell laptop than I care to admit.

No more!

This marks the beginning of a renewed interest in myself, not just my career. I have always longed to be a creative type. When I was young, I sang, I danced, and I poured my tiny soul into my art classes. But sadly, the only recognition I ever got was that my 7th grade artwork was chosen as one of four patterns featured on the annual Madrigal program. But I've moved on to other creative outlets that aren't necessarily within the bounds of traditional grade school education. There's nothing earth shattering about what I do, but I enjoy it so much that I'm challenging myself to do it much more often.

This is the mantra of one of my favorite retailers, Paper Source:

Every day is a bit much for me, but I'm thinking that once a week is perfectly achievable. With that in mind, I'm starting this blog to share my commitment with anyone who wants to listen.


Besides just helping me fulfill this challenge, this blog, I hope, will also inspire a others who want to do creative stuff to take up those scissors and get to work. Plus, I'll share all my sources and any learnings for anyone who can benefit from them.

And now, a few ground rules for my personal challenge:
  1. My creative endeavor has to be documented on this blog.
  2. The creative thing has to be finished within the week (not just partially complete).
  3. "Something creative" is a loose definition. You'll see what I mean when I start posting.
My first project is a bit of a cheat. I started a furniture painting project three weeks ago and am putting the finishing touches on it this weekend. See you on Sunday!


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